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One Dog's Life
By WantNoMeat@aol.com

I was happy in my home
with my humans I loved to roam
A stranger took me one warm day
not a word did he say

He packed me tight in a crate
being in there I really did hate
There were others just like me
packed so tight we couldn't see

Finally! We were out of the van
but I know now, I should have ran
No more crates and no more cars
but now I sit behind these bars

Why I'm here, I don't know
but back home I want to go
Do my friends know I'm here?
those humans that I hold so dear

It's scary, I can sense the doom
all throughout this chilly room
there are others like me I saw
their skin too, is blistered and raw

There is only one human I've come to hate
he gets me tout every morning at eight
To struggle from him I have tried
but in a cage there's no place to hide

He shaved my skin, now it hurts
I can't see it, but I feel it's burnt
I'd give anything for just one scratch
but on top of it is a patch

Ever since that dreadful day
on my sides I cannot lay
No longer can I get to sleep
I just lay here suffering in a heap

My fur is matted and full of blood
It keeps getting thicker just like mud
I have screamed and I have cried
but this pain, it just won't die

I still try with all my might
but that human gets me under the light
he holds me tight as he stares
at the horrors my skin bares

He is a white robed beast
and for my pain he cares the least
We lay here in our bandages
why are we the ones called savages?

Now I know that my times of fun
are now forever done
pain stole my will, so again I will try
to close my eyes and finally die

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whole or in part with credit given to EnglandGal@aol.com
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