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Antelope Valley Dalmatian Rescue

Hi our names are Pogo and Lydia and we are Chocolate's mom and dad. Pogo is 7 and I (Lydia) am 4 we both love kids, get along great with other dogs, housebroken, spayed and neutered. Pogo is very calm, sweet and well behaved just a wonderful boy and I love him so much. I (Lydia) love to give hugs and take long walks.

So many times people say their to old, not perfect, or even worse just look the other way like we are not there. Then one day Pogo told me we were like a flower boy did I get worried. When he told me the story I wanted to share it with you.  The most Beautiful Flower  - with love Lydia



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"Our Family Picture"

Pogo and Lydia need a "Family to love them -  " Chocolate is "Adopted"
Our story:  Our owners lost their home and can't keep us anymore, so we now need new homes, Pogo and Lydia would like to stay together, we know some tricks, are bilingual and would love a family.

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