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Yogi in his new Halti collar

Yogi is now in Greensboro, NC with DRC. He appears to be about 1.5 years old. He is a large boy. He probably weighs about 65 lbs. 

Despite his size, he is very gentle. He loves his glow ball and will play catch with it. He walks well on a leash or Halti collar; knows some commands like sit, down, and come (most of the time). When Yogi gets up onto the couch, he settles down and is a very soft couch potato. He doesn't jump up on you unless you ask him to do so. He hasn't met a person that he doesn't like. He has tried once to counter surf without much success.

Yogi's leg is still healing (as can be seen on one photo), but he is doing much better with chasing his ball, walking, and moving, in general. He is trained to an invisible fence. So far, he has not spent much time with the other dogs in his foster home due to his recovery period. Hence, right now we would suggest he be an only dog. As we have more time with him, that opinion may change.

Yogi's story

Yogi was found in a field in WV. He had been shot in the leg. The person who found him couldn't keep him because the expense for the surgery to fix his leg was going to be beyond their means. Valerie, at the Marion county shelter in Fairmont, WV, contacted the Dal rescuers and others who pulled together to help cover the expense.

Yogi's time to return to the shelter was drawing near. All were afraid that if he didn't get into rescue or adopted soon that he wouldn't live very long afterward.

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Here I am at the shelter

If you are interested in Yogi, please fill out the Adoption Application (pdf) and fax it to 336-288-1101. 

It is advisable to send in a deposit of $50 through PayPal to . Specify the dog that the deposit is for. The deposit will be refunded only if your home is not approved.

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